Banners & Yard Signs

Add some flair to your next annual event with a freshly designed banner from Indox Services! We can print customized banners that will retain their vibrance and color for years to come, and we can also produce yard signs and temporary displays to help you advertise your next corporate function or charity event.


Vinyl banners have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool while still being practical and affordable. The high-quality vinyl we use ensures that the banners can be used indoors or outdoors for years without fading or becoming frayed or torn.

Yard Signs & Letters

Often associated with real estate, political campaigns, home repair, and social movements, yard signs give a marketing message a most personal connection simply due to their location of display. Our use of high-quality weather-resistant corrugated plastic ensures the sign stays in place, while the UV-resistant ink guarantees the message does not fade.

Safety Signs

Safety is the top priority in many industries, and safety signage needs to be concise and to the point with easily readable instructions. We print on lightweight yet rigid PVC with a low gloss matte finish to facilitate readability as well as durability.

Parking Signs

Customize the parking area of your business using your own logo & brand with personalized parking signs: Handicap Parking, No Parking, Reserved Parking.

Printed on aluminum with a semi-gloss finish, the signs are weatherproof and rust-resistant and last several years.

Window Signs & Frosting

Window clings are an eye-catching way to transform ample window surfaces into a highly visible advertising space. Window cling prints adhere to glass surfaces through micro-suction without the need for sticky and messy glues, which leave behind an unsightly residue.

Window frosting provides a discreet modicum of privacy to window surfaces while still allowing light to pass through.