Indox School Safety Sign Program

New requirements in many school districts require hallways and rooms to be identified with colored signs and markings to help first responders in emergency situations. The Indox School Safety Signage program has been developed to give schools and school districts the resources to implement these safety measures quickly and affordably.


Overview of safety signs and markings

Per the requirements, new and existing educational buildings shall be identified according to the following regulations. The regulations are interpreted and may be changed by the authorized jurisdiction which is typically the local fire district.


All occupiable structures on the premises shall be divided into sections or designated a specific zone per local jurisdiction regulations. Typically, each hallway or wing of a multilevel building is designated as a zone and given a unique color. It is recommended to assign the main entrance zone RED and proceed clockwise with ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE. Additional colors can be used if approved.

Corridor Markings

Corridors in a zone must be identified by the color assigned using floor level stripes and arrows. It is recommended that directional arrows indicating zone directions be placed near each entrance.

Room Signs

All occupiable rooms and spaces shall be identified with signs inside the room and in the hallway. If the room has windows, a sticker or sign must be attached to the window facing outwards. The signs must have a background color matching the zone color for that area.

Exterior Doors

Exterior door signs should use numbers or letters with the zone color of the corridor or room they access.

If the door connects directly to a room, the room name/number shall be on the signs as well.

School Safety Signage

Interior - Classroom

School Safety Signage

Interior Classroom & Corridor Striping

School Safety Signage

Corridor Striping

School Safety Signage

Interior - Hallway

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